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Read this for the outcome and effects of too much music intake and not enough venting (or dropping) .

The labels expect the civilian to buy and play certain hot music . Then the radio wants to have the listener on the station most of the afternoon and midnights . The fan or groupie will act accordingly . I myself do not get deep into an artists life of music , first the process of meeting that artist has needed to happen. Then I have to keep me ears clean to hear my soul style and self.
It turns out that when I have to hear someone elses music allot I get negative this is the effect of listening , the best solution for myself is to give 1 day a week completely to other artists , the rest of the week I will drop myself.
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Hi Please have the patience as i kill all MC’s when i arrive at my Album drop destination in Hollywood California. The turnout of all the ladies hustlers and Los Angeles music lovers from the street is okay GET A Prime chance to party with me. I also like to have great fun later that night.