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This is the big article you need to live by.

cad1(a contempt™)

Here is the official number count give or take a few compact discs of my very own mixed album RENO© and blast off_

The listening award goes to the skateboard crews ……

530 sold so far…….

thanks , GEZE

The Thursday for a get together

First the wood says is that you on that song? He didnt know he thought my music playing in the mega mall on the southside of reno was somebody else. He was selling a pair of nikes good luck 😦 I plan to sell some music later and it’s 12;30 🙂 I HAVE BEEN BORED AND THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO HELP!!! I will endorse a show in Reno for Kutt Kalhoun a stranger.(pen test).?wtf Geze blows pink salmon vagina and sucks water out a white bitch tonight hopefully and says THANK THE LORD1