Geze gets new Hair DO


Merry Christmas

How does extorting a rapper equal patronage?

I want to declare the hatred of some people in our great country.
They have taken over the normal function to stop our music.
This could be seen as voicing there ideas out loud and taking that path for media civil court or just telling people that will listen.
Extortion is a black closet crime some of this has been done when people quietly
continue to lie about a number of rap artists .
To each his own who reads there are some out there.
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cad1(a contempt™)

The news is in Mercedez Benz has interest in rapper/drummer GEZE© . From California.

They have unrevealed the GLC coupe from Mercedez Benz . Check the car out on any browser when you search it. “I appreciate the help by your GLC coupe name . This shows that your drops are right bro and not vain” GEZE raps.

Read this for the outcome and effects of too much music intake and not enough venting (or dropping) .

The labels expect the civilian to buy and play certain hot music . Then the radio wants to have the listener on the station most of the afternoon and midnights . The fan or groupie will act accordingly . I myself do not get deep into an artists life of music , first the process of meeting that artist has needed to happen. Then I have to keep me ears clean to hear my soul style and self.
It turns out that when I have to hear someone elses music allot I get negative this is the effect of listening , the best solution for myself is to give 1 day a week completely to other artists , the rest of the week I will drop myself.
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Hi Please have the patience as i kill all MC’s when i arrive at my Album drop destination in Hollywood California. The turnout of all the ladies hustlers and Los Angeles music lovers from the street is okay GET A Prime chance to party with me. I also like to have great fun later that night.

Good that the republicans are back in office because the white house was feeling like the jail house


have you wondered why the democrats were controlling medium classed america they were cheating in the white house i know this because i was getting a petition signed for marajauna and now but right before the end the democrats had to be the ones to push this law dang republicans are not your test monkeys

Computers and music , and the extortion hip hop wants.

They couldn’t let the computer pass them and allot of programmers were suffering because the hip hop industry hijacked the internet , the views were making honest business lack and I had to become a fighter against these pirates. I want to deceast hip hop videos online and take the internet back 80 percent for the machine it is . Not have over 100 (or an estimated number) of rappers sitting online trying to get views , listens , and fame over my friends at microsoft linux dos etc. whores